• Last Ghost. First Contact.
    Through it all, the planet had continued spinning through the cosmic void. Ahmed didn't keep a calendar, but if his reading of the stars was...
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  • Food Fright
    It was a hip restaurant with exposed brick walls and artificially composed graffiti. It was crowded, with dim lighting and a loud hip-hop...
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  • The Wrath Of Edward
    Everyone on Berrymore St. knew Edward was a sour, angry man.  All his neighbors stayed away from him and warned their children to stay even...
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  • The Witness
    No one in my family saw him coming. They were all content doing their own thing, under the same roof. Till came that knock on the door. The...
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  • On Top Of The World
    The journey to the ashram at the top of Karinboque Peak is perilous to say the least. One 14-hour plane ride, a 10-hour train, 2.5 hrs by van, and...
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  • The Philosophy Of Adekwasity
    Rey King had a rough morning, and it was only 4:55 AM. For starters, a delivery had been left out in the rain overnight. The floors had also not...
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  • Certainly You Jest
    Ms. Madeline knew how to play cards, and played with the very best of card players. Her moods ever shifting, reflected upon her face, often...
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  • Love’s Letters Lost
    It was a first date, and it was not going well. Even the server ignored the couple so as not to ruin what was otherwise a pretty good shift. She...
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  • The Short Celebrity Life Of Nora Legend
    Nora Legend became a celebrity almost overnight when she predicted the great snowstorm of the south, in a region that never sees weather activity...
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  • Closing Time
    The last barstool at Callahan’s was as worn as the flickering neon sign that hung outside. The once vibrant red leather had cracked and worn...
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  • The Last War After The Next
    In 2024, an AI was fed the complete works of George Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill, and Napoleon. It then spits this out: "History is a fable...
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  • Midnight Spaghetti
    Part of going home for the holidays is traveling on streets you went down a million times as a child and realizing they're not the same...
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  • The Last Will & Testament Of Sadie F. Hochwarter
    From the offices of Simon, Howell, Liebowitz, & Klein: I (state your name) ESQ. serving as the legal representative and executor for the estate,...
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  • The Art Of The Date
    His phone screen was filled with white Helvetica text that popped against a dreamy, stylized night sky. "Please turn on your device's microphone....
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  • Forbidden
    In the darkened alleys of New Orleans, where shadows whispered ancient secrets, and the scent of blood lingered in the humid air, lived a...
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  • Maggie's Fish Story
    JULY 14, 1998: My name is Maggie Borghildr Melville. I'm 13 and from East Rochester, New York. Mom, Dad, and I visited Durand Eastman Beach for a...
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  • Law Of Attraction
    In the heart of Eldoria's bustling cityscape, the clash between Isabella Sterling, the formidable corporate lawyer, and Alexander "Alex" Bennett,...
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  • The Accruals Of Fame
    I’ve kinda’ always wanted my own destiny. It’s a delicious idea that you’re surrounded by a garden of delectable fruits, vegetables, and...
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