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Escape to worlds created by our users. Explore deep oceans, use super powers to fight villains, or venture deep into your own imagination and write something original.

  • Cleaning Service
    I started my day, like any other, by ringing the door spell. A litany of spikes, arrows and swords greeted me. I dodged them as best I could...
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  • Abdiel's Deal
    Abdiel didn’t quite know how it happened. One moment he was soaring through the clouds of the seventh level of heaven, the next he was sitting...
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  • No Trolls In Wisconsin
    It washed up on shore after the last rain. We found it the next morning. Its massive gray form pushed onto the riverbank, its stone skin still...
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  • Final Memorial
    The fall colors blurred like a kaleidoscope even with my eyes closed.  Was I dead? It was an honest question. Nowadays the dead coming back to...
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  • The Taking Tree
    When I finished moving into the apartment on sixth street, my landlord gave me one piece of advice: don’t park under the large walnut tree at...
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  • Killbox
    Martinez crouched behind the concrete barrier. The fading evening sun cast the world in an ember glow. Martinez checked the battery life on his...
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  • The Spider
    It must be a dream, Dave thought. That was the only logical, rational explanation.  But it wasn't. As Dave stepped onto the wobbly, cheap wooden...
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  • Tale Of The Missing Dancer
    I was a dancer that held my pose on pointe, atop a small jewel case. I lived in a small, magical antique store called "Old Friends For Sale" run...
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  • A Room Full Of Life
    Looking up from his phone, he realized he was in line for a club. "Wait," he thought, "where am I?" A large man in black with a shaved head...
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  • Forbidden
    In the darkened alleys of New Orleans, where shadows whispered ancient secrets, and the scent of blood lingered in the humid air, lived a...
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  • Bound By Tragedy
    From my earliest days, a shadow of fate loomed over my life, casting a pall of sorrow that I could never escape. They called it a curse, a...
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  • No Mercy For The Wicked
    I grit my teeth together at the sound of footsteps approaching my cell. Words I’ll never speak are caught in my throat like stale bread. There...
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  • Underneath Utopia
    “There isn’t a way to tell this story to you gently. There is no sugar-coating something so bitter. Like with any berry flavored vodka, it...
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  • Dear Diary
    Monday, Jan. 16th, 2010 Dear Diary, It’s me, Hannah. Kidding. I know you’re familiar with me, I just like that joke. Today was not the best of...
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  • Icarus Rising
    My eyes don’t want to open, but with every wince I can see the sand of a dessert surrounding me. The ache of my bones and twinge of my muscles...
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  • The Warrior Within
    The carriage ride is bumpy as I listen to the chirp of birds and rustle of leaves. I knew this day was coming, the day they would send me away to...
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  • Set In Stone
    “How are we doing today Mrs. Jordan?” The nurse's voice echoes against the bare walls of my room. They are a light shade of blue that I...
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  • The First To Be The Last
    It was a plan sure - but not mine. Not by a long shot. It had been a brutal affair. Listening to the world die. Listening to constant wind and...
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