What Is Tale Snail?

Tale Snail is a place where you can write stories, share them with the world, and others can contribute. Our aim is to be THE go to story telling platform by utilizing all manor of technology to push YOUR stories to their maximum potential.

On this website you will find unique, one of a kind tales, written by all sorts of folks from all sorts of backgrounds.

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Telling Stories Is What Humans Do

Telling stories is what humans have done for thousands of years. We tell stories to connect, share our culture, express ourselves, explore our imaginations, or simply to convey information.

On Tale Snail, story making is super simple. All you have to do is write. From there, magic happens. At least - these cavemen will think it's magic.

Three cave men drawing pictures in a cave.

Using Tech To Make Your Ideas Come Alive

Male and female scientists building a robot and programming code.

As our technology has evolved, so has our methods of story telling. We've gone from caves paintings, to scrolls, to books, to painting-paintings, magazines, comics, movies, video games, podcasts... and probably a bunch of stuff we're forgetting to mention. We want to be a part of this beautiful tradition.

We utilize cutting edge text-to-speech artificial intelligence to read out loud to our audience. The cover art you'll see is made using generative A.I. As more cool tech comes onto the scene, we will explore how to use it to make story telling on Tale Snail an amazing experience.