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  • The Delicatessen
    17-Across was wrong. It had to be. 12-down was nine letters for “head of a tribe” - obviously “CHIEFTAIN” - and Max had correctly...
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  • There's No Shrapnel In Heaven
    Raymond Mankowitz lay dying in his bed. At 95 years old, he had been sequestered in his room for nearly a week as hospice care gently guided his...
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  • Into The Night
    In the night the wind blows, howls and it calls my name. I'm afraid to answer, afraid to step outside fearful the dark night will swallow me...
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  • Tale Of The Missing Dancer
    I was a dancer that held my pose on pointe, atop a small jewel case. I lived in a small, magical antique store called "Old Friends For Sale" run...
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  • Meme'd
    I got meme’d on a Tuesday. I don’t know why, but I previously thought virality was exclusively a weekend phenomenon. So imagine my surprise...
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  • A Copywritten Hero
    "This looks like a nuisance lawsuit. Plus, it's copyright infringement. That's far from what we do," said the old lawyer. "Wait," said the young...
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  • The Braincase
    Emma was engrossed in reading the latest book by horror author Sara Siu. These books were romance novels with a dash of true crime and only a thin...
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  • Thorns Of My Rose
    I found what I thought to be the most beautiful rose, so I plucked it from the ground. In return for plucking it, it's thorn pierced my skin and I...
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  • The Cobra Of Oneida County
    Dennis Kozlowski fancied himself to be the most interesting man in Oneida County. His family’s parcel sat amongst a group of dairy farmers on a...
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  • Welcome To Aftermath
    Mosley heard about the world's end on the radio while driving home. It surprised her but didn't upset her, not at first. She walked into the...
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  • Mixed Feelings
    The tinted-window SUV rolled down the dirty asphalt between warehouse buildings. The car door opened, and reporter Chris Lippard was deposited at...
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  • The Oracle Of Oslo
    When the main mast fell, Thomas had been in his quarters. The ink from his quil had barely touched the parchment – getting only as far as “My...
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  • A Room Full Of Life
    Looking up from his phone, he realized he was in line for a club. "Wait," he thought, "where am I?" A large man in black with a shaved head...
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  • Five Pounds Of Creatures
    They unloaded their bags in the back entryway of her house. It had been a fun, tiring day at the mall. Nine-year-old Adira even revealed some...
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  • How To Survive Mononucleosis (While Infecting Those Around You)
    STEP #1:  Contract the illness at the most inconvenient time. Why would you want to spend your well-deserved vacation lying on a beach, tossing...
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  • Freedom
    Him- "I asked her to meet me here, on the beach at dusk. Perhaps, I came on too strong when I professed my love for her and wanting to show her...
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  • Last Ghost. First Contact.
    Through it all, the planet had continued spinning through the cosmic void. Ahmed didn't keep a calendar, but if his reading of the stars was...
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  • Food Fright
    It was a hip restaurant with exposed brick walls and artificially composed graffiti. It was crowded, with dim lighting and a loud hip-hop...
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