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Murder, mystery and... more murder. What could be better than that? Personally, I'd kill for these stories. Or maybe take a stab at writing my own.

  • Silver Bullet Special
    I found Don Gustov in the usual place, at his high-end watering house on the East Side. I was roughly ushered into his presence by several of his...
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  • The Drop-Off
    “It’s over, Grosbek!” Kestrel’s voice boomed through the sky. “Not while I still live,” I cried. “And you die!” It was a sub-par...
    Views 740
  • The Witness
    No one in my family saw him coming. They were all content doing their own thing, under the same roof. Till came that knock on the door. The...
    Views 2600
  • All Will Be Revealed
    The body floated six feet above the ground, resting on an unseen surface. The underside wasn’t pressed flat as if the corpse merely sat on...
    Views 2595
  • Fighting For Amelia
    The stale scent of old case files lingered in the air as I sat at my desk, surrounded by the ghosts of unsolved crimes. But one case haunted me...
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  • The Mercenary
    Being hunted is probably my least favorite part of this job. Bark scrapes against the back of my exposed arms as I nestle myself against the tree...
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  • The Wolf Inside
                 Matty is sleeping to peacefully next to me, his snoring almost comforting, and I envy how quickly he disappears into the realm...
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  • Determined Detective
    It’s a motel for me tonight, again. The front desk guy has gotten familiar with seeing me and doesn’t even really ask for my license anymore,...
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  • The Cold Case
    The file was on my desk before I had taken my second sip of coffee. The mug touched down just as the officer slipped away, almost as fast as he...
    Views 2435
  • Pool Boy Jack
    Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jack who had always had an interest in solving crime. He was tall and lean, with short, dark hair...
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