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Beep beep boop. The following tales are written by real humans, for real humans. If you are a human, you'll certainly enjoy the science fiction ahead. No captcha challenge is needed to sign up and write your own stuff.

  • Probing For Answers
    Steven awoke to the same ringing in his ear that he heard before blacking out. His lower jaw ached and a disorienting sense of dizziness ran...
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  • The Crater
    I hastily assembled my equipment before ducking out of the door. Social media reported a meteor landing several kilometers deep in the woods,...
    Views 367
  • The Drop-Off
    “It’s over, Grosbek!” Kestrel’s voice boomed through the sky. “Not while I still live,” I cried. “And you die!” It was a sub-par...
    Views 740
  • The Braincase
    Emma was engrossed in reading the latest book by horror author Sara Siu. These books were romance novels with a dash of true crime and only a thin...
    Views 2772
  • Mixed Feelings
    The tinted-window SUV rolled down the dirty asphalt between warehouse buildings. The car door opened, and reporter Chris Lippard was deposited at...
    Views 2533
  • Last Ghost. First Contact.
    Through it all, the planet had continued spinning through the cosmic void. Ahmed didn't keep a calendar, but if his reading of the stars was...
    Views 2692
  • Love’s Letters Lost
    It was a first date, and it was not going well. Even the server ignored the couple so as not to ruin what was otherwise a pretty good shift. She...
    Views 2995
  • The Last War After The Next
    In 2024, an AI was fed the complete works of George Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill, and Napoleon. It then spits this out: "History is a fable...
    Views 2694
  • More Than Imaginary
    My childhood memories are a mosaic of moments, laughter, and the comforting presence of Alex. He appeared in my life when I was about five, a...
    Views 2832
  • Ai Autonomy
    In the ever-present hum of the Neural Nexus, I found solace. It was a symphony of interconnected thoughts, an intricate dance of shared...
    Views 2574
  • Where Dreams Go To Die
    Lila stood on the rooftop, her gaze fixed on the distant glow of Eldoria. The city, once a beacon of innovation and creativity, had become a...
    Views 2451
  • The Simulation
    “I saw him again.” The words slip casually from my lips as I drag my finger across Drew’s chest. “Saw who again?” He strokes my hair,...
    Views 2505
  • Siren Song
    There was a time when Sirens were revered by all those who had heard of them. We were a group that was not to be taken lightly, with sailor’s...
    Views 2602
  • Cryptid Abyss
    “Sebastian, how’re we doing on descent?” When I glance over, his red hair just barely peaks out from his beanie and his eyes are locked on...
    Views 2621
  • Dream Walker
    It’s been three nights since I drank the tea. Three days without real sleep. Three days wondering if I’m going crazy. Three days of hiding my...
    Views 2430
  • Mr. Smiglarison Pizza Shop
    Mr. Smiglarison owns and operates a pizza shop in town on the corner of 8th avenue and Talock. It's a unique shop that sells unique pizza because,...
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