Haunted house in woods with blood red full moon.

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Stories of horror, intrigue, and anguish written by real people. Turn down the lights, pull a cover over your head, and listen to or read these tales of terror.

  • Silver Bullet Special
    I found Don Gustov in the usual place, at his high-end watering house on the East Side. I was roughly ushered into his presence by several of his...
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  • Dead Cell
    Hunting the dead is a pain in the ass when you’ve skipped leg day.  We got the call at 0400 hours. Another outbreak, this time in Pennsylvania....
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  • House Call
    I’ll never forget that night.  I was still paired with Bob Simmons, a veteran of the force by twenty years. The chief told me he’d seen it...
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  • Ms. Hannah's Lullaby
    At first, I thought Ms. Hannah to be a godsend. Amidst the chaos of raising two children, her videos became an invaluable part of our parenting....
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  • Bipedal
    I remember the day I saw it. I was watching my parent’s dog Annie. She was a medium-sized golden retriever who was, like most golden retrievers,...
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  • The Rattle Of Teeth
    I’ll never forget what I found walking through the woods on that crisp spring evening. There was a moderate chill in the air that night. The...
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  • Killbox
    Martinez crouched behind the concrete barrier. The fading evening sun cast the world in an ember glow. Martinez checked the battery life on his...
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  • The Spider
    It must be a dream, Dave thought. That was the only logical, rational explanation.  But it wasn't. As Dave stepped onto the wobbly, cheap wooden...
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  • Into The Night
    In the night the wind blows, howls and it calls my name. I'm afraid to answer, afraid to step outside fearful the dark night will swallow me...
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  • Food Fright
    It was a hip restaurant with exposed brick walls and artificially composed graffiti. It was crowded, with dim lighting and a loud hip-hop...
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  • Closing Time
    The last barstool at Callahan’s was as worn as the flickering neon sign that hung outside. The once vibrant red leather had cracked and worn...
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  • Maggie's Fish Story
    JULY 14, 1998: My name is Maggie Borghildr Melville. I'm 13 and from East Rochester, New York. Mom, Dad, and I visited Durand Eastman Beach for a...
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  • He Knows Me
    He knows me.  His eyes could burn a hole in my back with the way he stared at me in the halls. My breath would hitch as I felt his presence walk...
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  • If It Calls Your Name... Don't Answer.
    I’ve seen it everywhere, people posting on the internet about creatures in the mountains… It always seemed so silly, “If you hear your name,...
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  • From The Depths, She Follows.
    The rhythmic sound of my own breathing filled my ears as I descended into the dark abyss of the lake. Deep sea diving had always been my escape,...
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  • Missing
    My name is Lily. I say it in my mind over and over. The rain fell in heavy sheets, drumming a haunting melody on the windows of our old, creaky...
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  • How It Haunts Us
    My heart pounded in my chest as we pulled up to the new house. The moment we moved in, I had this strange feeling that something was off. The...
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  • Terror House
    It had been there for ages, that house. I still remember the chill that ran down my spine as we stood before the towering silhouette of the Olden...
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