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  • Abdiel's Deal
    Abdiel didn’t quite know how it happened. One moment he was soaring through the clouds of the seventh level of heaven, the next he was sitting...
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  • Probing For Answers
    Steven awoke to the same ringing in his ear that he heard before blacking out. His lower jaw ached and a disorienting sense of dizziness ran...
    Views 168
  • The Shetland Prodigy
    The Keepsake was a dimly lit pub on the banks of the Gulber Wick - a waterway that ran through the rugged Shetland Islands of Northern Scotland. A...
    Views 479
  • No More F$#@!Ng Vampires
    The rumors about Professor G.W. Stephens were as weird as they were eclectic. Some said that he had murdered his first wife and buried her in the...
    Views 979
  • Guru Steve's Path To Enlightened Relationships
    Mike’s rusty, 2004 Honda Civic was a piece of shit.  With over 150,000 miles, it was a miracle that it still ran. In fact, Mike was convinced...
    Views 1297
  • Meme'd
    I got meme’d on a Tuesday. I don’t know why, but I previously thought virality was exclusively a weekend phenomenon. So imagine my surprise...
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  • A Copywritten Hero
    "This looks like a nuisance lawsuit. Plus, it's copyright infringement. That's far from what we do," said the old lawyer. "Wait," said the young...
    Views 2301
  • The Cobra Of Oneida County
    Dennis Kozlowski fancied himself to be the most interesting man in Oneida County. His family’s parcel sat amongst a group of dairy farmers on a...
    Views 2762
  • How To Survive Mononucleosis (While Infecting Those Around You)
    STEP #1:  Contract the illness at the most inconvenient time. Why would you want to spend your well-deserved vacation lying on a beach, tossing...
    Views 2539
  • On Top Of The World
    The journey to the ashram at the top of Karinboque Peak is perilous to say the least. One 14-hour plane ride, a 10-hour train, 2.5 hrs by van, and...
    Views 2645
  • Midnight Spaghetti
    Part of going home for the holidays is traveling on streets you went down a million times as a child and realizing they're not the same...
    Views 2658
  • The Last Will & Testament Of Sadie F. Hochwarter
    From the offices of Simon, Howell, Liebowitz, & Klein: I (state your name) ESQ. serving as the legal representative and executor for the estate,...
    Views 2922
  • The Art Of The Date
    His phone screen was filled with white Helvetica text that popped against a dreamy, stylized night sky. "Please turn on your device's microphone....
    Views 2846
  • The Accruals Of Fame
    I’ve kinda’ always wanted my own destiny. It’s a delicious idea that you’re surrounded by a garden of delectable fruits, vegetables, and...
    Views 2642
  • The Monkey Who Knew Too Much
    Grop wasn’t an especially gifted chimp.  As far as his jungle troop went, he was mediocre in every sense. His climbing skills were lacking....
    Views 2550
  • Reindeer Games
    Have you ever woken up in the morning with a sore back? How about sore antlers? Yeah? Well try living like that every single day. This gig, way...
    Views 2634
  • That One Time Everything I Touched Came To Life
    Have you ever woken up and thought you were still dreaming for a few minutes? Like the first few minutes of being awake, your brain is kind of...
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  • Sabotage For Snoopy
    It was a cold Thanksgiving morning, and the Macy's Day Parade preparations were in full swing. The streets were bustling with excitement, but for...
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