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Lights! Camera! Action! Stories full of shock and awe that will take your breath away and leave you needing to know what happens next!

  • In Session
    The clock behind Dr. Selby’s head seemed to move in slow motion. Every appointment started out the same way – he’d ask how I felt, I’d...
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  • The Delicatessen
    17-Across was wrong. It had to be. 12-down was nine letters for “head of a tribe” - obviously “CHIEFTAIN” - and Max had correctly...
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  • There's No Shrapnel In Heaven
    Raymond Mankowitz lay dying in his bed. At 95 years old, he had been sequestered in his room for nearly a week as hospice care gently guided his...
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  • Thorns Of My Rose
    I found what I thought to be the most beautiful rose, so I plucked it from the ground. In return for plucking it, it's thorn pierced my skin and I...
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  • Welcome To Aftermath
    Mosley heard about the world's end on the radio while driving home. It surprised her but didn't upset her, not at first. She walked into the...
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  • The Oracle Of Oslo
    When the main mast fell, Thomas had been in his quarters. The ink from his quil had barely touched the parchment – getting only as far as “My...
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  • Five Pounds Of Creatures
    They unloaded their bags in the back entryway of her house. It had been a fun, tiring day at the mall. Nine-year-old Adira even revealed some...
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  • The Wrath Of Edward
    Everyone on Berrymore St. knew Edward was a sour, angry man.  All his neighbors stayed away from him and warned their children to stay even...
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  • The Philosophy Of Adekwasity
    Rey King had a rough morning, and it was only 4:55 AM. For starters, a delivery had been left out in the rain overnight. The floors had also not...
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  • Certainly You Jest
    Ms. Madeline knew how to play cards, and played with the very best of card players. Her moods ever shifting, reflected upon her face, often...
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  • The Short Celebrity Life Of Nora Legend
    Nora Legend became a celebrity almost overnight when she predicted the great snowstorm of the south, in a region that never sees weather activity...
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  • Law Of Attraction
    In the heart of Eldoria's bustling cityscape, the clash between Isabella Sterling, the formidable corporate lawyer, and Alexander "Alex" Bennett,...
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  • Animal Control
    The doorbell rang at 3pm on the dot. Albert had been tossing and turning to no avail, attempting to take one of those coveted afternoon naps, the...
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  • How Things Change
    Everything is new.  I’m sitting at a mahogany desk that I bought for studying and schoolwork, although I usually just end up sitting on the...
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  • Lily's Light
    In the quiet, picturesque town of Willowbrook, nestled amidst rolling hills and lush forests, a dark and brooding secret lay hidden beneath the...
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  • The Maestro
    In the heart of a bustling city lay an old, forgotten building. Its façade was covered in layers of grime, and its once elegant architecture had...
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  • The Making Of A Villain
    I was never the kind of girl who stood out in a crowd. Timid and shy, I always felt like I was fading into the background, overshadowed by the...
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  • Love In Treachery
    I awoke to a world that was unlike anything I had ever known. The harsh, dimly lit room and the coarse fabric of my dress immediately made it...
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