• From The Depths, She Follows.
    The rhythmic sound of my own breathing filled my ears as I descended into the dark abyss of the lake. Deep sea diving had always been my escape,...
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  • The Adventures Of Zog
    I never thought my life would take such a bizarre turn, but here I am, sharing my apartment with an alien. Yep, you heard me right. An...
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  • Bound By Tragedy
    From my earliest days, a shadow of fate loomed over my life, casting a pall of sorrow that I could never escape. They called it a curse, a...
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  • Missing
    My name is Lily. I say it in my mind over and over. The rain fell in heavy sheets, drumming a haunting melody on the windows of our old, creaky...
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  • Song Of The Lost
    As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting eerie shadows across the desolate landscape, I felt a chill run down my spine. The wind whispered...
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  • How It Haunts Us
    My heart pounded in my chest as we pulled up to the new house. The moment we moved in, I had this strange feeling that something was off. The...
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  • The Mercenary
    Being hunted is probably my least favorite part of this job. Bark scrapes against the back of my exposed arms as I nestle myself against the tree...
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  • Wrong Choice
    It’s Daya’s smile that haunts me most in this moment. My best friend’s radiance and joy existing only as a memory as I stand in this living...
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  • Man Of My Nightmares
    The memories of the past can be both a comforting embrace and a haunting specter. For me, it was the latter. His name was David, and he had been a...
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  • Eternal Fools
    I've always thought of myself as an ordinary guy. Well, except for one tiny detail—I can't die. Yeah, you heard me right. It's not exactly a...
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  • Terror House
    It had been there for ages, that house. I still remember the chill that ran down my spine as we stood before the towering silhouette of the Olden...
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  • Stroke Of Fate
    My hands were warmed by the mug of freshly brewed tea I held in my hands as I gazed out the window. It was dreary inside, but the world outside my...
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  • Defying Destiny
    The morning sun peeked through the sheer curtains, casting a warm glow across the room. I reluctantly opened my eyes, greeted by the familiar...
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  • Friends Till The End
    Andrea and I met when we were just six years old. Both of us were two lonely girls on a playground full of strangers at a new school. Everyone had...
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  • Couples Retreat
    As Jane packed her suitcase, she wasn’t just thinking about how this trip was supposed to be a breath of fresh air for her and Mason, she was...
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  • Secrets In Serenity Gardens
    Moving into a new neighborhood is supposed to be an opportunity for a fresh start, a chance to leave behind the ghosts of the past and embrace a...
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  • The Bringer Of Magic
    In a world where magic swirled through the air like a symphony of colors, I was the anomaly—a mere human born into a realm brimming with...
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  • Make It Count
    My alarm goes off at the same time it does every morning, seven. I snake my arm out from beneath the warmth of my blankets to turn it off and...
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