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  • Cleaning Service
    I started my day, like any other, by ringing the door spell. A litany of spikes, arrows and swords greeted me. I dodged them as best I could...
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  • Abdiel's Deal
    Abdiel didn’t quite know how it happened. One moment he was soaring through the clouds of the seventh level of heaven, the next he was sitting...
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  • No Trolls In Wisconsin
    It washed up on shore after the last rain. We found it the next morning. Its massive gray form pushed onto the riverbank, its stone skin still...
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  • Probing For Answers
    Steven awoke to the same ringing in his ear that he heard before blacking out. His lower jaw ached and a disorienting sense of dizziness ran...
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  • Silver Bullet Special
    I found Don Gustov in the usual place, at his high-end watering house on the East Side. I was roughly ushered into his presence by several of his...
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  • The Crater
    I hastily assembled my equipment before ducking out of the door. Social media reported a meteor landing several kilometers deep in the woods,...
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  • The Shetland Prodigy
    The Keepsake was a dimly lit pub on the banks of the Gulber Wick - a waterway that ran through the rugged Shetland Islands of Northern Scotland. A...
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  • Dead Cell
    Hunting the dead is a pain in the ass when you’ve skipped leg day.  We got the call at 0400 hours. Another outbreak, this time in Pennsylvania....
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  • Final Memorial
    The fall colors blurred like a kaleidoscope even with my eyes closed.  Was I dead? It was an honest question. Nowadays the dead coming back to...
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  • In Session
    The clock behind Dr. Selby’s head seemed to move in slow motion. Every appointment started out the same way – he’d ask how I felt, I’d...
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  • The Drop-Off
    “It’s over, Grosbek!” Kestrel’s voice boomed through the sky. “Not while I still live,” I cried. “And you die!” It was a sub-par...
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  • House Call
    I’ll never forget that night.  I was still paired with Bob Simmons, a veteran of the force by twenty years. The chief told me he’d seen it...
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  • Ms. Hannah's Lullaby
    At first, I thought Ms. Hannah to be a godsend. Amidst the chaos of raising two children, her videos became an invaluable part of our parenting....
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  • The Taking Tree
    When I finished moving into the apartment on sixth street, my landlord gave me one piece of advice: don’t park under the large walnut tree at...
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  • Bipedal
    I remember the day I saw it. I was watching my parent’s dog Annie. She was a medium-sized golden retriever who was, like most golden retrievers,...
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  • No More F$#@!Ng Vampires
    The rumors about Professor G.W. Stephens were as weird as they were eclectic. Some said that he had murdered his first wife and buried her in the...
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  • The Rattle Of Teeth
    I’ll never forget what I found walking through the woods on that crisp spring evening. There was a moderate chill in the air that night. The...
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  • Killbox
    Martinez crouched behind the concrete barrier. The fading evening sun cast the world in an ember glow. Martinez checked the battery life on his...
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