• All Will Be Revealed
    The body floated six feet above the ground, resting on an unseen surface. The underside wasn’t pressed flat as if the corpse merely sat on...
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  • The Monkey Who Knew Too Much
    Grop wasn’t an especially gifted chimp.  As far as his jungle troop went, he was mediocre in every sense. His climbing skills were lacking....
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  • Just Plain Quirky
    Once upon a time, in a quaint little town nestled between the hills and valleys, there lived two peculiar individuals named Jasper and Ophelia....
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  • More Than Imaginary
    My childhood memories are a mosaic of moments, laughter, and the comforting presence of Alex. He appeared in my life when I was about five, a...
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  • Animal Control
    The doorbell rang at 3pm on the dot. Albert had been tossing and turning to no avail, attempting to take one of those coveted afternoon naps, the...
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  • Reindeer Games
    Have you ever woken up in the morning with a sore back? How about sore antlers? Yeah? Well try living like that every single day. This gig, way...
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  • How Things Change
    Everything is new.  I’m sitting at a mahogany desk that I bought for studying and schoolwork, although I usually just end up sitting on the...
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  • That One Time Everything I Touched Came To Life
    Have you ever woken up and thought you were still dreaming for a few minutes? Like the first few minutes of being awake, your brain is kind of...
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  • Sabotage For Snoopy
    It was a cold Thanksgiving morning, and the Macy's Day Parade preparations were in full swing. The streets were bustling with excitement, but for...
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  • Fighting For Amelia
    The stale scent of old case files lingered in the air as I sat at my desk, surrounded by the ghosts of unsolved crimes. But one case haunted me...
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  • Ai Autonomy
    In the ever-present hum of the Neural Nexus, I found solace. It was a symphony of interconnected thoughts, an intricate dance of shared...
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  • Where Dreams Go To Die
    Lila stood on the rooftop, her gaze fixed on the distant glow of Eldoria. The city, once a beacon of innovation and creativity, had become a...
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  • Lily's Light
    In the quiet, picturesque town of Willowbrook, nestled amidst rolling hills and lush forests, a dark and brooding secret lay hidden beneath the...
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  • He Knows Me
    He knows me.  His eyes could burn a hole in my back with the way he stared at me in the halls. My breath would hitch as I felt his presence walk...
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  • If It Calls Your Name... Don't Answer.
    I’ve seen it everywhere, people posting on the internet about creatures in the mountains… It always seemed so silly, “If you hear your name,...
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  • The Maestro
    In the heart of a bustling city lay an old, forgotten building. Its façade was covered in layers of grime, and its once elegant architecture had...
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  • The Making Of A Villain
    I was never the kind of girl who stood out in a crowd. Timid and shy, I always felt like I was fading into the background, overshadowed by the...
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  • Love In Treachery
    I awoke to a world that was unlike anything I had ever known. The harsh, dimly lit room and the coarse fabric of my dress immediately made it...
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