Into The Night

In the night the wind blows, howls and it calls my name. I'm afraid to answer, afraid to step outside fearful the dark night will swallow me whole. From my bedroom window I see the full moon, and its brightness blinds my eyes. The moon is now beckoning me out "Come play", it says.

When I do come out, the cold wind envelopes my body in a tight hug. The only thing that keeps me warm are thoughts of my true love. The wind whispers in my ear "I'll send him out to you". I wander far from my home into the night. I soon find myself deep in the woods ,and calling out his name. I look up to the moon using its light to guide my steps. Soon, I hear my love's voice calling out to me. He is running.

The breaking of branches and the hurry of his steps tell me, he's lost and frantic to find his way out. His voice calls out, it sounds very far away still .I make my way out into a clearing and I see the moon staring down at me. Then the beast steps out from the darkest corners running rapidly on all fours. It has given chase to the frantic voice that's calling my name. I scream to the moon "Help him!!" I cry. The moon turns deaf ears to me.

Dark, ominous clouds give cover to the moon, as the wind whips my hair up in a frenzy. An angry howl echoes thru the night. Then silence, even the wind has stilled.

From across the clearing just at the opening of the woods, my love appears staggering and worn as he falls to his knees. I run to him but the beast of the night has reached him before I can.

With one fell swoop my love falls to his face, as he is dragged back into the woods by his legs. An anguished scream can be heard from the deepest part of the forest, followed by an angry howl.

I fall to my knees and cry up to the moon "Why??".

The moon returns from its hiding place to tell me "It was meant to be".

I double back and run as fast as I can back home. The beast is now in pursuit of me .I can hear its heavy deep set breathing not far behind. When I think I've lost him, making it home I collapse to the dirt just outside my bedroom window. I pull open the window and crawl back thru when the beast lunges at me. I make it back in my room safely before the window slams shut behind me.

I hear its razor sharp claws fall against the wood frame of my house. I lay there on the floor breathless. Everything goes black. When I awaken it is still night and I hear the howling in the woods not far from my window. I look out, but see nothing.

Nothing but a set of red, blood hungry eyes staring back at me...waiting.